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Best CRM Software for Small Business in 2021.

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A great CRM will ultimately free up time and open up new possibilities for your business. Today I’m going to identify and discuss the best CRM software by showing you our top three serum recommendations for small business.

Now every small business varies in the way that they operate and manage their customers. Therefore today I’m going to help guide
you to the right free CRM for you based on your business requirements. Let’s identify the best CRM for your small business.

  1. HubSpot CRM

So the first free serium that we believe is ideal for small businesses is called Hubspot CRM. Now the main reason Hubspot’s free CRM is high up on our list is because this free CRM offers unlimited users which is great for large teams and allows up to One Million contacts.

Which is more than enough for any small business and all this is within the free plan. Now Hubspot is great for the mainstream traditional business. However if you’re a dynamic fast changing or niche small business then Hubspot’s free CRM is quite limited on customizations and probably not the right CRM for your unique business.

However the free Hubspot CRM integrates well with dozens of important platforms like Slack, G-suite, microsoft office and Zapier for more streamlined integrations. Now Hubspot is easy to use and provides all the essential features of a good CRM like contact, management, tracing, leads, sales process management, communication, sequencing email campaigns and basic reporting.

Now you will notice that many of these features are still limited and as you require more features you most likely will need to upgrade to a paid package like the sales hub or marketing hub. However all round the free Hubspot CRM is a great option for small businesses.

Just wanting to get started with a free CRM and you can always upgrade down the track as your business grows. Hope you know about Which are the Top User Friendly Best Web Hosting in 2021 ?

  1. Streak –

The next free CRM that we want to discuss today is a powerful CRM that seamlessly integrates with gmail. This tool is called Streak. Essentially Streak simply allows you to manage your customers directly from gmail using pipelines. Now this CRM is easy to learn.

Especially if you’ve had experience using gmail for some time within streak you have pipelines and then within these pipelines you have
stages this is in essence your customer journey you sales funnel or project workflow then under each stage you have columns and rows.

Streak is a very straightforward and basic but powerful CRM for complete beginners that work with the free gmail or paid g-suite gmail for their email inbox. This CRM is more appropriate for freelancers or sole business operators rather than small businesses with multiple team members.

However you can upgrade to a paid plan. If you have a small team, you want to connect with the CRM. Streak is a simple but effective CRM
that anyone can quickly learn to manage and organize the interactions with customers. You should read Top Best 10 Quora Marketing Tips in 2021.

  1. Zoho

Last but not least we have the impressive Zoho free CRM. This is a great small business friendly CRM that allows up to three free users and offers more freedom to customize modules compared to Hubspot and streaks limitations.

With the free Zoho CRM you can take advantage of lead deals and contact management as well as managing tasks and events. You also have access to omni channel marketing plus dozens of app integrations similar to Hubspot.

Zoho has a fantastic sales process for users to maximize opportunities and drive sales. We believe Zoho’s free CRM is more appropriate for small teams that have a business model that requires customizations to traditional pipelines processes and general management of contacts. You should know about Best 8 Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy.

So these top three CRM are ideal for small businesses looking to get started with a free CRM. Each have their strengths and weaknesses based on the business type team, size, sales, process and business requirements. So take the time to test each option out and find out which CRM works best for you and your business and there we have it, that is it for today.

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