best web hosting for e commerce in 2021

Best Web Hosting For WordPress E-Commerce 2021.

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In this Blog I’m explaining about the best hosting for e-commerce website. So you might wonder what kind of hosting you have to take if I’m running a online store.

I will tell you what kind of hosting most people are using and how they’re performing. Then which one is better to make it much better. Of course before you choose a plan, you might have a number of questions like pricing, speed, many things but I’ll tell you what is best for you, which one you should opt.

So before you go for a best web hosting there are many things you should consider.

  1. First is the Speed– How fast our website is loading.
  2. Second is Security– See if you’re running an e-commerce website, if it is not Https secured, Nobody will purchase a product from you. So definitely Https should be there.
  3. Third is surprising obviously I look for the cheaper one but I have my own point will tell you.
  4. Fourth is Support definitely – You’re taking a hosting you need a support guys because so many problems you face maybe updating the php or it might be cdn. Then there should be a chat process or else.

There is should be a dedicated number should talk to them. I bet you many things you will learn from the customer support only. So choose the hosting which have a dedicated customer support team.

So these are enough. Anyway I never used many hostings as of now for most of my website I’m using Godaddy only. But when I research online throughout the world people are preferring side Ground also. Godaddy is a U.S based provider. Siteground is from europe I think Bulgaria.

But there are very good reviews but I never used it. In this week I’m going to try a Siteground also I’ll make a separate review on the Siteground. So as of now I’m going for the good idea but my point is whether you go for Godaddy at ground, what kind of plan you choose. That is very important. So a –

  1. Basic Plan will be there.
  2. Ultimate Plan will be there.
  3. Deluxe Plan will be there.

If you go for a Basic plan any of the hosting. Not only this Godaddy, Siteground, Hostinger, Hostgator many are there. If you go for the basic plan definitely you have to compromise few things.

You are going for e-commerce website for yourself or for your client means you are going to earn more money. So don’t compromise for the price. Don’t look for cheap Low cost. Some people are trying for free hosting also. What do you do with the free hosting man. Nothing will I researched on free hosting also what they’re doing is. You can upload 10 products only.

Will you sell only 10 products? It’s not good anyway. So going for the bigger one. You should spend more money. Yes what I experience with the good ideas it’s bit expensive. But no problem they have a dedicated support and all these things. Hope you read How to Host a Website on Github in 2021.

How to check the Speed of Site?

So speed means it is the side speed or the hosting speed. See site speed is depend on the hosting. Because all your data is stored on the servers. Only I can hear one more point I’m telling you here. Hosting means when you go for any provide you thought that only my data stored on the server. But majority will be shared hosting.

What is the difference between a Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting?

Share hosting means your website data will be stored in the same a b c d. Assume that you have very less visitors like an average hundred people are coming to your website. Assume that b that guy is getting around 15 000 visitors per day.

So these two will be counted on that server because this guy have more visitors on the server. You also have to take the risk. Sometimes your website will be down. I don’t recommend Shared hosting for E-commerce website. If you have a normal website service oriented, no problem share hosting is okay.

First I’ll tell you the basic one. So once you go to Godaddy click on the hosting. Here website hosting, WordPress servers. WordPress hosting means dedicatedly only for WordPress web hosting. It means apart from WordPress. Zoomla, Drupal there are number of things you can host. So for E-commerce I don’t recommend this.

Come back here website hosting again. Here also Linux windows business hosting is there prefer go for a Linux hosting again. Here two things I’m gonna compare. One is the Linux hosting one is the web hosting I recommend Business hosting but before that let me go to the Linux hosting. Linux hosting is very very good for any service oriented website.

See this what are the giving 256 mb ram and one website only you can host. I recommend when you go for a web hosting you should go for a unlimited website. You take a hosting one time then you don’t have to do for every domain multiple domains.

You should host here. So that’s why a deluxe are ultimate is a good option but advantage over Deluxe to ultimate is they are giving a SSL certificate free. You can previous our recent post about How to Host a Website on Github in 2021.

If you’re going for any service oriented website I recommend go for a Linux Hosting with the ultimate option. So what you’re getting, Unlimited website, Unlimited storage. they say Unlimited but there is some number some two lags 50 000 files wil be there.

But that’s quite enough you can happily host around 20 websites and if it is more you can upgrade some plans will be there. Don’t go for the shared hosting if it is E-commerce website. In the Business hosting you can see there virtual private server will be there for you.

I never found error like the website error, Website is not coming, there is no error search. Yes it is expensive but if you have a really strong goal of achieving more sales to your E-commerce website, yes have this.

There are many plans are there, read them. 60 GB Storage, 2GB RAM, Unlimited traffic, Unlimited website, good thing is free Unlimited SSL for all your website. If you host 20 website SSL certificate is okay.

I recommend to go for the this one only this is not basic. This is the great one and almost the website which having around 5000 to 10 000 traffic a day also can go for this. You don’t need the big one Amazon or these kind of things we’ll go for the bigger one but this is enough okay. So go for this one, add to cart.

Let’s see the final price, so by default they will be adding for 36 months cut down to 12 months and see and yes you will be getting a professional Email. You have a strong goal you are selling a good product.

You confident that you’re gonna make good money. Yes you should spend this much of the amount. If you compromise that of this price there is a possibility lot of compromise on your sales also.

Before you’re buying this much chat with that customer support team call them and ask them if they have any Promo Code. But before you buying only prepare your questions what are the questions you want to ask because the every call is recorded he can’t skip your questions So it’s your responsibility how smartly it answers from them.

Okay now you might have heard of Shopify. Shopify is a separate platform guys.

What’s the difference between Godaddy and Shopify ?

Godaddy is a service provider who will be selling domains and hosting but he is not selling the application like creating a Woocommerce and all these things.

Whereas in Godaddy you can download Woocommerce so you can use the website. But whereas Shopify these people mainly application developers apart from that they are giving you hosting plan also.

The main advantage with the Shopify is it’s a very speed and it’s very easy to access and by default SSL certificate will be there and speed no compromise automating the key.

The only thing is it’s huge, it’s very expensive if you think thatyour sales are great then only go for a Shopify. If you want to reduce your work you have a client. Client is ready to pay amount then blindly go for Shopify SEO, it’s very easy google ads automated things will be there.

Social media ads also automatically will be there. So this is good but if you want to save some bugs, come back to Godaddy and WordPress where you should have a more knowledge.

As we could ask the question how to check the speed. So there are many website to check the speed.

So the best one is Gt Matrix. So go for business hosting. If it is a good idea so automatically speed will be there. There will be no server down time then when you creating a website don’t use too many plugins and when it comes to images don’t upload high definition images. There are some tools which I’m going to explain.

Good thing about the Gt Matrix is apart from the speed. It will tell you what are the errors and how to fix them. I recommend to use Wp Rocket. So if you use that plugin what it will do. It will store those information on your browser.

So next time when you type order video supply less than two seconds it will load. It is good for you. So this is really good for the returning customers. So if you take this your speed will be increasing.