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Best Way Connect Godaddy Domain to Wix in 2021.

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I have already signed in to my Wix account and I will show you how you can connect GoDaddy domain to Wix. You can click here connect domain on your dashboard or if you don’t see that interface, you can click here up right and choose domains. Hope You Know About Top 5 Best Free Web Hosting in 2021.

This action will lead you to the same page like the domain name section. Let’s click connect domain. Connect domain you already own.
I click next. I verify that the domain is from Godaddy and then I can see the instructions both on video or text. Now I will turn to text for this presentation.

I have already sign in to my Godaddy account too. I click my products. Scroll down, manage all since I have many domains. And then type the domain that I want. I can either choose to click those 3 dots and manage DNS or I can click on the domain. Hope You know about Which are the Top User Friendly Best Web Hosting in 2021 ?

And I will see this interface. I scroll down , manage DNS. I will make a small pause here. The first part of this video is how you can connect your Godaddy domain by changing your Nameservers. If you do not want change your Nameservers then be patient and I will show that way too.

I click change, enter my own Nameservers, add only the Nameservers from Wix. I scroll down here and I will find the Nameservers. Look like that. Copy the first. Copy the second and then save. Yes I consent. Wait, Our Previous post is about How to Host a Website in Google Drive With Custom Domain 2021.

The process will not be instant, let’s try to verify the connection. Let’s see what Wix will show us. As I said, stay with me to see the other way if you do not want to change your Nameservers. For example you might use Godaddy domain and you do not want to disturb that service on Godaddy.

Ok I have here a message that I need to wait up to 48 hours and I need to receive an email when everything is ready.I open my Gmail,
I haven’t received anything yet but I will receive. As I said it will take up to 48 hours. If I click here on domains page, I can find the same here up right domains.

I see what is the current process of the connection. Here from these dots I can move from Wix, transfer the domain to Wix. I haven’t received anything yet but until that process works let me show you how you can do the second step. If you do not want the Nameservers to be changed. Let’s try to add another domain.

Back to the dashboard or here upright to the domain section. Connect the domain that you already own. Ok I will choose another domain here and some important note. You see here connection method Nameservers you can change it to pointing.

This is a warning that they suggest you change the name servers but ok. Now I will show you how you can connect your domain name without changing your Nameservers. Go next, yes.

Yes it’s from Godaddy. Let’s go back to Godaddy now, let’s go back to my domains. I will find my domain then manage DNS and here I will add an a record and a Cname record.

If you have already an a record and a Cname , you will just edit. You will see a pencil here , next to your record and you will edit. Ok, a record. I have the details, copy. Hope You read our tips about How to Host a Website on Github in 2021.

It will an IP. In host I will put that symbol, save and here you can edit the a record as i said. I will add a Cname record too. Oh, mistake here in host i will type WWW.

I copy , I paste on points to and save. Let’s verify connection here again. I will be informed that I will receive a message like before. Ok we will see here the same message , I click domains page.

The second domain redirects to the first. I am here after some hours and i received the email from Wix. You can see how it looks like and now my both domains are properly connected. I can choose my primary one as you see here.

I ll try to visit the site and It works perfectly. If you type the address and you don’t see your site yet, leave it for some hours it is normal or try to delete your cookies and visit the site again. Hopefully you got the idea about how to connect Godaddy domain to Wix. You have to know about Best Web Hosting For WordPress E-Commerce 2021.

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