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How To Convert Website To App No Coding Required.

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Hi in this post we will learn how to convert any website into a mobile app within three minutes. Nowadays it’s really Necessary to Convert a Website into an App. So Let’s get into the steps for convert website to app.

So that your business or company becomes more professional. Maybe you will get a better amount of Visitors For this. Here is how to convert the web to the app in the simplest way without any coding required. Go to Andromo dot com.

Click on the create new projects button and then type your project name. Next in the activities section select the website activity and click the button to continue. Click on the context menu on the left then enter the website URL.

For this example, I enter this travel website. Please make sure this URL is correct don’t forget to click the Save change button in the Style section. You can change the color of the toolbar, you can choose your own color.

The next step is the startup section. Please change the selection mode to the no dashboard option with this option. Once the app is started it will open the web directly without a menu or dashboard. Hope you know about Top 6 Experts Tips To Do a Website Migration 2021.

Now we will remove the drawer menu by unchecking the enable navigation drawer option. The next process changed this default icon to the one you have the design. You can refer to the tutorial on how to build your own icon using a free program.

Don’t forget to click the Save change button. Final process please click on the build your app button. Once you click this button, it will build your apk. This process will take between two to five minutes. Wait, hope you know Best Way Connect Godaddy Domain to Wix in 2021.

Once this process is successful you will receive email congratulations your apk has been successfully built. Please download and install either on your Android phone or using the Android emulator.

Then tell your friends or relatives to check it out. You can do better Marketing for your Web App. More visitors make your web more Popular. So a web app it’s really required.

And if you can create this without any type of coding activities, then that will be more Grateful So try it now and put me a Thank You For this. You should read Top Best 10 Quora Marketing Tips in 2021.

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