How to Host a Dynamic Website for Free in Infinityfree 2021.

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In this blog we’re gonna tell how to host a dynamic website for free. So let’s get this started. Before going further let me clarify a few things for you. When it comes to websites we have two types of websites –

  1. The first one is a static website.
  2. The second one is a dynamic website.

    So what is a static website ?

    A website which is created using the front-end part leaving the backend is known as a static website. So in a static website we use HTML, CSS and JavaScript without any of the database integration. When it comes to a dynamic website, we use the database as well. Wait, hope you know Best Way Connect Godaddy Domain to Wix in 2021.

    So we use language like PHP for scripting and MySQL for the database and in this blog we’re gonna concentrate on the dynamic part. Let’s now actually know how to do it. Open your favorite browser and type in Infinityfree.

    Open the first link. So this website provides us with free unlimited web hosting. There are paid versions as well but the options that they have are different and we do not require that the free version is more than enough for us. So sign up for an account there. Once you’re done, do the storing.

    They’ll gonna send a verification email to your Gmail account. So verify that. Once the verification was done, you will be redirected to this page and as you can see here we have an option to create an account and if you look at the bottom you have the option for number of active accounts.

    As you can see the number is 3 that means you can run three different domains simultaneously. So for now, let’s click on create account. So this is the page where you have to actually select if you want to use a subdomain or you wanna use a custom domain. You should read our older post about Which are the Top User Friendly Best Web Hosting in 2021 ?

    So if you already have a custom domain name with you, you can use that by using the name servers that they have provided or you can use a subdomain which is actually free. So you’re gonna get your domain name dot app easy calm or RF dot Gd you can use any of these okay. For now let’s go to subdomain.

    So I’m gonna name mine has a kid good official. So then click on I’m not a robot. So now your account has been created. So click on View client area. Okay so these are the details which are going to be very useful for you. Right now as you can see your account is being set up. So refuse the page after few minutes.

    So it’s going to take usually around one to two minutes. So after it’s done, you can refresh the page and this message will disappear. On the right hand side we have the ftp details. So if you want to establish an FTP connection to this website and transfer your files through that connection then you can use these.

    You have the username password and hosting meanwhile let’s go to the control panel. You have to click on I approve once that is done it’s gonna open the cPanel for this website. So here you have the databases and PHP Myadmin. So for now let’s set up the database.

    Let’s create a database here. Click on create database. All right, so now these other it is that you have to input in your database script ok. So let me open a dummy project to showcase how it’s done. You should read Top 5 Best Free Web Hosting in 2021.

    Alright so I haven’t probably dope in here so this is my project and in that I have a database file so here I’m going to provide the hostname the username password and Rita based name. Hope you know How to Host a Website in Google Drive With Custom Domain 2021.

    So here you have the username right. Just copy this and paste it here and the password for this is gonna be your v– panel password. So this is the password that we have here so just copy this and place that here as for the database name that’s gonna be this.

    So let’s copy that and place it here. For the Hostname it’s going to be this copy the ID and place it here. So now let’s upload these files to the server and you can do that using the FTP connection that I mentioned earlier or you can do it manually. So let’s do the manual method okay.

    So now let’s refresh the page so it’s been verified. So now you have the option to click on file manager, so click on file manager then go to HD Docs. Let’s remove these two files. These are dummy files. Now let’s drag and drop all the files for the website that we had created.

    If you’re having any trouble while uploading the files you can manually do that from here and you can upload a file or a folder or a zip.
    Okay so now that the files have been uploaded we are done with the setup and as you can see here let’s mention that it’s gonna take around 72 hours for a new domain name to start working everywhere.

    It does not happen every time but sometimes it does take time. So just open your website in a new tab and check once in a while. If it’s uploaded or not if not then you have to wait for some more time but at the end it will be done uploading and the website will be live okay. Thanks for Reading.

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