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How to Link Your Masterlist to Your Tumblr Bio 2021.

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Today I’m gonna be doing something that’s been probably highly request. The most highly requested thing I received is how do we link the masculist have made in a previous post to our Tumblr bio.

So the first thing I’m gonna let you know is that you need three tabs open. You can do this on Safari and if you’re using Samsung type product you would do it under the Google three tabs open. One tab is for our master list, one tab is for the link that shows us how to do everything a link that we’re copying.

And the last one is going to be where we can edit our theme. All right so we’re starting with the quick guide and like I said I will link them. This is fully there you know the thing I’m just doing it. Hope you know about Top 6 Experts Tips To Do a Website Migration 2021.

So I’m gonna go to the quick guide page I’m gonna scroll down past where it says how do you add it. So you’re going to go into your Tumblr and you’re going to go down to where it says and parents underneath your blog then and where it says website theme.

We’re gonna click the Edit theme again and it’s loading polishing the inside of me something I can’t read that far away. Now I’m where the description is so I’m just gonna copy what I already have there. Which is basically the master list that I have.

Now I’m just deleting mad because I need to make room for the new one. So I’m gonna go back and get the link off of a quick guide page. I am going to copy it. So I think what he ended up coughing was just to where it says link.

But that ends up being all that you really need you didn’t need the other parts. Because it totally clicked through without it but you can have them like if you want or you can stop where it says link. So then I’m gonna go back to where I’m editing my theme and I’m just gonna paste it all under the description.

I’m gonna remove the li end that was part of the linked guide and I’m gonna type in instead master list or he was gonna type in instead I’m saying I. But it was he where it said master list and then I think he’s gonna open the other tab to get the link to my master.

Went through the HTTP in the colon to make room for what is gonna close which is the link to my master. So now I’m going to the tab I have an open master. I’m going to copy the entire link to the master.

We’re editing my theme I’m gonna paste it inside of the quotation marks. Hey alright, so once I’ve done that we’re ready to go. We’re just gonna save our theme and saved all right great.

So now we’re gonna refresh the page and make sure that I’m still click through. Okay now we’re clicking through and it’s taking a thread through our master list and you know behold it’s.

Here it’s happened we’ve done it and yeah this was a link that I used. I need to figure it out exactly and I’ll screen record like the Tumblr quick guy just to give them full credit.

Now you have your master list in your bio which is so cool. If you guys have any other questions comments or concerns feel free to link them down below. You should read Experts Top 5 Tips For Web Design Professionally 2021.

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