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Best Way to Move WordPress Website to New Domain 2021

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I’m gonna be telling you the way to move a WordPress website to a replacement domain and this process is termed migration.

So why would you wish to move WordPress website ?

Well maybe you got a replacement name that wasn’t available before once you first started your website or even you bought a web site from someone and you’d like to move it over to your own domain or maybe you switched hosting companies. Whatever the reason I’m gonna tell you how to move it with only one simple plugin, okay So let’s start.

  • Step ideal is to get a website name. So if you do not have a website name then you will not have anywhere to maneuver your WordPress website to. Hope you know about Best 12 Social Media Podcast for Marketing.
  • Now step number two is to install WordPress to the current new domain which you’ll be able to do.
  • Now we will march on to step number three which is to put in the migration plugin. So let’s move and do this. So what we would like to try to to is install a plugin on this account, so we’re gonna visit the wordpress dashboard for this website.

    We’re just visiting go over to plugins and so reconsider to feature new. Now just go up to the search bar at the top right and kind in all-in-one and then you will see all-in-one WordPress migration right there. If you have a e-commerce site,have a look for Best Web Hosting For WordPress E-Commerce 2021.
  • So what we would like to do is simply install this plugin so go ahead and activate it. in order that plug-in has now been activated okay.
  • So now once you’ve done that, we are able to travel to step number five which is to migrate your site. Now what we’re gonna be doing is installing that very same plug-in on the location that we would like to maneuver to so we’re going to be actually be transferring the whole site over. So it’s tired just two quick steps, so let’s plow ahead and couple.
  • Now if we visit the menu on the left and scroll down until you see all-in-one WordPress migration. you’ll just check to export and this can be where we’re going to be ready to export our website. So if we just reconsider to the limited export to button and click on on that we’re visiting be exporting a file.
  • Now a fast tip is to also export one to Google Drive or any other drive that’s on the net so that you can access it from any computer. It’s always nice to own a backup of your website somewhere on the net. Hope you know about Top 5 Best Free Web Hosting in 2021.

    But for without delay we’re just gonna do a file and this could only take some minutes. So now just click on the download button right there and now you can see it’s now downloading to our Downloads folder okay.
  • So now we wish to go ahead and move the file that we just downloaded from our old name over to our new one. So as you’ll be able to see our new one over there maybe on the correct is totally blank and if you check the domains they’re different.

    So we have got create a cool website which is that the new one and then the old one. So first let’s just go to the dashboard for our new WordPress Domain.
  • So we’re just going to go to the rear button, which is able to take me to my dashboard. I’m visiting open up the menu and we’re go back to plugins so we’re just gonna go all the way down to add new. Previously we wrote about 5 Best Social Media Marketing Tools to Use in 2021.

Then just search for plugins right here and search for bushed one yet another time then just scroll down and you will see the identical plug-in that we did for the old website. You’ll just want to put in that one and then activate it awesome.

  • So now that’s activated we’re just visiting go back to the menu and we’re gonna scroll down until we see all-in-one WordPress migration so you’re just visiting click on import. So we just want to export from this site then import onto this site.
  • So I’m just gonna attend import from then just click on file and then just plow ahead and grab that file that we downloaded earlier. So it’s most likely in your downloads folder unless you moved it some place else. In my case I just moved it onto my desktop.
  • So I’m gonna select that file and so click on open and so just give this a minute to load and it’ll say this import process goes to overwrite the current website that’s on this domain and that’s okay. Because it absolutely was just our basic WordPress template.

    So I’m gonna go ahead and click on on proceed and i am gonna go ahead and shut out of this. So it stops bouncing. Now it says your site has been imported successfully. If you are a blogger, you should know about Best 7 Free Tools to Urge More Social Media Traffic.

So I’m just gonna move and click on on finish. Now just go up to home and so re-evaluate to visit site and I am gonna plow ahead and visit site on the old website also. So we can compare, awesome. So as you’ll see the websites are precisely the same.

So as I scroll down everything matches which is awesome. Okay guys in order that was a way to move WordPress website to a brand new domain.

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