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Top Best 5 Reasons to Switch from Mailchimp to SendinBlue.

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If you are currently on the fence between choosing MailChimp or SendinBlue, we’re here to give you five reasons why SendinBlue is the better choice. Below is the top 5 reasons why you should switch from MailChimp to SendinBlue. You can read about Top 8 Proven Email Marketing Templates Examples.

1. Price.

Perhaps the best way to begin this blog post is by comparing prices between MailChimp and SendinBlue. MailChimp charges you for the volume of contacts in your lists. Plus the number of emails you choose to send this makes it so when using MailChimp you dread building your email list because you know with it comes more money.

However on the other hand, we have SendinBlue which doesn’t charge by your growth but instead only by the emails you send. overall SendinBlue is undoubtedly a cheaper way to go for the same quality. So just from pricing alone we already see SendinBlue is the better choice to SMS.

2. SMS.

One immense bonus of SendinBlue is the fact that SMS is offered. Although it depends on what kind of business you have. SMS may not be the best option for you. However regardless SMS comes with countless benefits and advantages that can complement your marketing.

Although you always have the choice to launch email campaigns with the use of SendinBlue. However you want the option of using SMS is a different way that you can use to reach out to your audience that may be effective.

3. Customization.

I like SendinBlue, MailChimp gives you no room to customize your emails. The system is set up for people who want the basics for beginners this may work. However as time goes on and businesses get better at their email marketing they’ll want more room to customize their emails and bring them up to the full potential with email marketing.

Although templates are fine sometimes it’s nice to have the option to create them how you would like as you learn what you want your emails to be like you also want the choice to make them personal and customized. If this goes for you it’s probably best to go with SendinBlue for marketing automation capabilities and workflow management. Hope you know about Free Email Marketing Tools For Beginner in 2021.

4. Marketing Automation.

Fourth benefit of using SendinBlue is that it comes with marketing automation. With this excellent feature you can predict the consumers next move using SendinBlue. It makes it possible to retarget warm leads using the response – emails.

You can also do this by using the response to SMS campaigns even tracking the performance of your campaigns. However this is only a small part of what makes marketing automation excellent for your email marketing.

5. GDP.

Our compliance superior deliverability the last and perhaps even one of the best benefits of using SendinBlue is its superior deliver ability in GDP. Our compliance just about every tool uses its own IP address to send emails and similar things. If something goes wrong, your IP address will get blocked by Google and in the end never reaches the inbox.

You aimed it using SendinBlue, you can manage a large volume circulation by creating and managing dedicated IP pools. You can then monitor your dedicated IP s reputation leveraging SendinBlue easy-to-use tools. Using this you can make sure that your emails always reach their inboxes.

We Have Explained for mailchimp to sendinblue.

In conclusion, overall both companies have countless benefits. However SendinBlue does not only cost less but it also comes with many other benefits that MailChimp doesn’t offer to its customers. Although the pricing is the most significant benefit of SendinBlue, it certainly does have some other appealing features that make it just as good, if not better then MailChimp. If you have a e-commerce site,have a look for Best Web Hosting For WordPress E-Commerce 2021.

Both businesses are very similar although as said before SendinBlue offer some features that MailChimp does not. We believe that if you are currently using MailChimp you should seriously consider switching to SendinBlue and if you are still undecided as to which you want to use give SendinBlue a try first. Top 10 Best Email Marketing Templates For MailChimp 2021.

Besides saving you money you’ll also be surprised at the quality and unique features that come with using SendinBlue.

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