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Top 6 Experts Tips To Do a Website Migration 2021.

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So it’s no secret that website migrations can often go poorly. Sometimes to be honest that can be an understatement but I’m gonna give you guys six tips to avoid that ever happening to you so that you can be the king or queen of website migration.

First: So number one is making sure to match up your 301 redirects to your new pages right. This seems so obvious to guys that are experienced but you’ve got your old URL here.

If your URLs gonna change make sure you update them and map them out like for like. So I’ve got The Bachelor of applied business marketing linked up with the Bachelor of applied business marketing at the new URL.

Because if you don’t match them up or you just redirect them all to the home page you’re going to see a massive dip in your traffic. So this is like redirect 101 but still worth mentioning just because they share a number of people that get it wrong or don’t know about this one.

Second: The second simile is to make sure to match pages up with the same intent. So I like to do a little bit of keyword research here just to find out what the keywords that I want are and if I’ve got them on the new pages that I’m redirecting to making sure that the intent is the same on the old page as it is on the new page.

Because if you’re on your new page got an informational intent but you’ve got a transactional intent on your old page. It’s just not going to make sense and users are going to be confused when they go to the new one. So make sure you link that up as they should be between the two.

Third: Number three is to copy your GA code across as well as search console again. This one seems obvious but the number of people that don’t copy their Google Analytics code across or update their search console only to look six months later and find that all that data is missing.

I get flashbacks just thinking about it make sure you don’t make that mistake and copy your Google Analytics code across.

Fourth: The next tip I have for you is setting up a custom report. So if you head over to Google Analytics customization and then custom reports and press new custom report you’ll see a screen very to this chuck in a title a name selected type of a flat table.

Add the following three dimensions of the page previous page path and page title and the metric unique pageviews. Be sure to add these two filters to exclude the previous page path with exact entrance and include page title with reg X 404.

Fifth: Now that with that last one make sure your page title for any of your 404 pages is gonna have 404 in it. Otherwise, this isn’t going to work then save it , and all of a sudden you’ve got your very own custom report telling you whenever someone gets a 404 page on an entrance to your page.

This is so handy for anything you could have possibly missed and will save you a world of her. Believe me, I’ve used this one every time I’ve done a migration. The second last is to remove any temporary website block. For every time I’d accidentally left the discourage search engines from indexing.

This site an option in WordPress when I set something live or I’ve still got the robots dot txt blocking any crawls. Otherwise, you’re gonna be sitting around wondering why it’s not ranking and it’s gonna be as something as simple as that. You should read Top Best 10 Quora Marketing Tips in 2021.

Sixth: Last and number six is monitor it. Check for any issues you’ve now got a dashboard and all the data you could possibly need to monitor it over time through tools like Semrush to see what’s happening to your rankings.

Check this over time it may sound obvious but believe me the number of people that set it live and then go home. Wait, hope you know Best Way Connect Godaddy Domain to Wix in 2021.

Thank God I’m done with that ordeal and forget about it is again too many. So don’t be one of those people, don’t commit these six deadly sins in website migrations and you again will be the king or queen of them and won’t have any issues.

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