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Top Best 5 Free Stock Footage Sites.

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Today we’re visiting study the most effective free stock video sites. I’m visiting list the 5 sites that are best in my opinion. Before we start i would like you to understand that free doesn’t always imply that it’s without restrictions or obligations. Let’s start with the list for free stock footage sites.


The first one on the list is MAZWAI. I’m unsure the way to pronounce this correctly. But I’m sure that this site possesses some stunning footage. The clean and straightforward layout of the web site makes it easy to navigate and preview the footage. you’ll scroll through the things in full-screen mode or in 4×4 grid mode.

This can be the littlest free stock site that you’re going to find within the list. Here it’s clearly quality over quantity. At this moment they provide around 200 downloads, which all contain multiple clips stitched together.

Most of the downloads are high-quality 1080p footage. thus far I have never found any 4k footage yet. All the downloads are under the attribution license. so means you have got to credit the author of the merchandise. So overall, not the largest free stock site, but definitely worth trying out.


It’s time to maneuver over to number two on the list which is videezy. com. and every one the opposite clips are absolve to download and that is what we’re here for today. Videezy offers an enormous collection of 1080p and 4k footage.

The positioning has an efficient search feature and therefore the filtering options are very useful. the primary two rows of the search results are sponsored videos from Shutterstock. That is something that you’re going to find on most other sites yet.

A negative point is that you simply can’t preview an item within the search results. So you’ll need to open up the video page to determine a preview. And after some downloads they also require you to register for a free account.

But afterward, you’ll download the files and use them for educational, personal and commercial projects. But also here it’s supported the attribution license. so means you’ve got to credit the author. Previously we wrote about 5 Best Social Media Marketing Tools to Use in 2021.


The third place in my list is for Pexels. com. Pexels began as a free photo site but it now also includes a large library of free HD stock videos. So if you’ll explore for something you’ll get the photo results, but you’ll also switch to the videos.

You’ll be able to preview the clips within the search results which is extremely handy. Shutterstock’s sponsored videos are listed on the underside of the search results. a good place in my opinion. Although I didn’t find any 4k footage, the standard of most 1080p clips is incredibly good.

But most vital of all, all the clips are supported the Creative Commons 0 license. So, liberated to use and attribution isn’t required.


Let’s move to number four within the list, videvo net. Note that this can be one among my favorite free stock video sites. within the past I’ve also sponsored a number of my videos, but to be clear, this one isn’t sponsored. On this site they provide mostly free HD or 1080p footage.

But they’ve also got some free 4k clips. you’ll be able to easily filter the free clips in the search results if you wish to. If you download the clip from Videvo, confirm to test the license. and that is because they use three differing types of licenses.

  • The primary one is that the so called ‘royalty-free license’. this can be basically Creative Commons 0, but you are not allowed to re-upload the clip elsewhere.
  • The subsequent one is that the ‘Videvo attribution license’. this can be the identical because the previous one, only here you wish to credit the author.
  • And also the last one is that the standard Creative Commons BY license. This one also requires attribution. But you’ll be able to distribute the clip in its original form elsewhere. So you’ll say that licensing at Videvo may be a bit more complex. But reciprocally for that you simply get a large collection of unique free video clips.


And then it is time for number one, pixabay. com. This site offers quite 1,000,000 high-quality stock images and videos. They’ve got an enormous -if not the biggest- collection of free HD and 4k Clips. If you are a blogger, you should know about Best 7 Free Tools to Urge More Social Media Traffic.

Pixabay likes to take place as a community of creatives All submissions are checked for quality by experts and that they will only be allowed if they’re in agreement with the standard guidelines.

Still, I’ve got to admit that not all clips have the identical high standard as you will find on a number of the sites that i discussed before. the positioning itself is incredibly intuitive. Hope you know about Best 12 Social Media Podcast for Marketing.

You can preview the clips within the search results and you’ll be able to also preview the initial clip within the browser before downloading. All the downloads have the identical simple Pixabay license. This basically is Creative Commons 0, but you are not allowed to redistribute the video to a different stock site or sell it elsewhere.

That’s it for this Top 5 Free Stock Video Sites. I hope you got the list for free stock footage sites. Always remember that you should research about your content ideas then have a start with related photos.

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